no alarms and a few surprises

Mogwai refine rather than reinvent their sound on each successive release. Their new album, Every Country's Sun, is the latest step in that progression. It's great.

'records' management

Aren’t records just old-fashioned methods of assembling information, arbitrary holding tanks for material that could be released in online formats that don’t adhere to time limitations or sequencing expectations?
— Grayson Currin, Pitchfork, 19.2.2013

Written in the context of an album review, but redolent of debates in professional recordkeeping.

is that a Pismo?*

Fifteen years since its original release, The Other People Place’s Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café is...available again on vinyl...Like all of the very best techno and electro, The Other People Place yields...beautiful sounds...with a limited sound pallette, stripping everything back to the essentials to compose an incredibly important yet delicate album that still to this day continues to fascinate and seduce with its strikingly subtle flow and elegant mystery.

 *My reaction to the album's cover...

not so festive (fifteen)

I didn’t post a festive fifteen for 2016. I've decided to stop waiting for an arbitrary time of year to compile a list of things I've been listening to. I'd rather mention them as they catch my ear.

In that spirit, I've been playing the new Environments records (6 and 6.5) by The Future Sound of London a lot recently. There's a depth and complexity to FSOL's albums (and to those produced under their various pseudonyms). They draw you in, but the threads spun by Dougans and Cobain twist and weave in ways that aren't predictable. They're an absorbing, rewarding listen.

privacy and history

The ever-interesting William Gibson on the tension between privacy and history:

I’ve never been able to fit the concepts of privacy, history and encryption together in a satisfying way, though it continues to seem that I should. Each concept has to do with information; each can be considered to concern the public and the private; and each involves aspects of society, and perhaps particularly digital society. But experience has taught me that all I can hope to do with these three concepts is demonstrate the problems that considering them together causes.
— William Gibson, 'The Future of Privacy', The New York Times, 6 December 2016

It's worth reading the whole article.  Although it's short, there's a lot of food for thought in there for anyone interested in recordkeeping, information governance, data protection and so on.

rival consoles

I've been spending time with Rival Consoles' new album, Night Melody.

This an album of songs, not sounds; feelings, not ideas. It’s not easy to tell stories without words, but [Ryan] West has been working long and hard enough to hit that point where his wordless miniatures convey as much as some albums.
— Benjamin Scheim, Pitchfork, 5.8.16