For various reasons I didn't do my annual festive fifteen on twitter this year. So, further to absolutely no demand whatsoever, I thought I'd pop a list up here of albums I've listened to a lot in the last year or so. In no particular order:

1. Lonerism by Tame Impala

2. The Brightest Light by King Cannons

3. Any of the Dave's Picks series by the Grateful Dead

4. The My Bloody Valentine reissues (esp Loveless, obviously)

5. Function Falls by Buke and Gase

6. Big Moon Ritual by Chris Robinson Brotherhood

7. New Family by French Miami

8. A Wrenched Virile Lore by Mogwai

9. Between the Times and the Tides by Lee Ranaldo

10. Time Out by the Dave Burbeck Quartet

11. Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin

12. Bread, Wives and Denim by Pond

13. Green Light District by Umpire

14. Half Cut by Bluetile Lounge

15. Live in Raleigh by American Aquarium