I left Facebook last year. That isn't unique. I haven't missed it.

I'd reached a point where the things I didn't enjoy (random noise in my timeline, having to keep up with privacy settings that changed frequently etc) were swamping the benefits of being there (the ability to share things with friends on a one-many basis and hear how they were doing in turn). I voted with my feet and deleted my account.

We need to remember that, despite its success, Facebook is just another platform. Deciding to leave isn't a big deal. We choose when and how to use any of this stuff. That's the point that gets lost in a lot of the debate on social media. Even if a particular platform 'is where our friends are', we don't need to be there if that platform doesn't work for us. Pick another channel. Find another way to keep in touch.

The internet revolution has unleashed unprecedented opportunities for communication, creativity and commerce. There's always another way to do something. That can be intimidating, but the reward is in finding the things that work for you. I've moved away from Facebook - others are moving towards it.

Writing or sharing pictures directly isn’t as convenient, but I find it more personal and more rewarding for that. Is it more work than using Facebook as a one-stop platform? Probably. Do I enjoy the interactions I have any less? No. Have I become better at remembering to keep up with friends? Well, we all have things to work on…