The Information Commissioner’s Office issued a decision recently that reaffirms their guidance on Twitter. Their view is that it is possible to make a FoI request using that platform. This generated comment yesterday from members of the online FoI cognoscenti in the UK, some of which I link to below.

I’m not going to repeat the considered arguments from both sides here, but I do recommend reading them. My view is a fairly simple one - to quote Spider-Man’s uncle Ben, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Or, as my friend Euan Semple suggests repeatedly on his blog and in his book, when we use online tools we need to behave like grown-ups.

Part of that responsibility, part of behaving like a grown-up, includes taking the time to think about the channel that's most likely to help you achieve your goal. Twitter is a great tool to find out about/contact/converse with organisations and the people that work in them. It isn’t the best mechanism to make a FoI request. Nor is it a particularly elegant way of receiving information in return. Just because you can…


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