An article in the Times Higher Education Supplement caught my eye today. It suggests that some information is not being retained beyond the very short term to prevent its release under FoI or the subject access rights in the DPA. I have no idea about the veracity of this story, but this was one of the big fears when FoI was introduced; that, perversely, Freedom of Information might result in less information being recorded with concomitant damage to organisational and societal memories. I was at an event organised by the Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner (OSIC) last year where some of the same concerns were aired from the floor (as they have been on and off in various places since the FoI Bills were drafted).

I also found the article in
THES curious as I can't remember the last time (if ever) I saw something along the lines of a retention schedule in a news story. This and one or two other things, such as the release of a film with the title Redacted last year, are making me wonder if the issues associated with record keeping and information legislation that have traditionally only concerned information professionals of one sort or another are slowly becoming part of wider public conversation.