There are lots of posts flying around at the moment about Library/Archives/Records Management 2.0. All very laudable, worthwhile etc, but if we move the Library part of this out of the equation for a second surely there's some scope for a bit of joined-up thinking around the idea of 'record keeping 2.0'?

Actually, scratch that - it's a horrible phrase and I'm sorry. However, a more holistic approach to record keeping (in all aspects of the profession) and online technology/web 2.0 would, I think, be useful. Working with colleagues from other professions such as Librarianship could perhaps even yield 'information 2.0'!

I'll stop with the tongue in cheek '2.0' titles, but to hammer an old point that I (and others) keep making - if we don't engage with these debates and technologies they will pass us by and we'll be left trying to understand what they mean for us after the fact, rather than trying to shape development to ensure the maintenance and integrity of the record. Trying to deal with the implications of the developments in online technologies from our own little professional silos can't be the only way forward.

The following posts are the ones that set me thinking: