I'd intended to leave this subject alone for a while and see what others made of it, but Russell James has just provided another well developed series of reflections on the archives/rm 2.0 conversation that is taking place at the moment. Whatever your perspective on this subject, his thoughts are provocative and worth reading. He finishes his post by saying:

'Let us please get an honest, open conversation started about this "Archivist 2.0 Manifesto." I do not accept it entirely and I bet I am not the only one. So let's get started!'

I think everyone who's offered an opinion so far (some links
here) would echo Russell's call for more debate in this area, regardless of whether or not they agree with his perspective. In fact, a colleague and I were discussing this offline earlier in the week and this is exactly the comment we made; all the debate that is taking place at the moment is fascinating and useful as we attempt to get to grips with a dynamic and ever-shifting series of developments.

[Should the colleague I was talking wish to make themselves known in a comment I'll update the post!]