Just in case you've missed it this week (and if you don't use twitter you may well have) there's been something of an explosion of record keepers and repositories using twitter and following each other. It all stemmed from a post on David's Digital Archive blog where he listed 15 people that archivists may want to follow. This caused something of a rush of new connections between those of us who use twitter. As David said in his follow up, no one is sure where this will go but 'a small, vocal and flourishing micro-blogging community' seems to have been created.

Kate also
mentioned the new connections on twitter this week on her ArchivesNext blog. As is usual with Kate's blog, the comments are great and really worth reading. I left a comment there on why and how I use twitter and I've reproduced it below as context and a brief explanation of why I think the service has so much potential.

[There are lots of different ways to take advantage of twitter. We're using] the @CAIS_Archives account as a one-many feed that can also be rendered in different places (on a website, a blog, an intranet etc).

I struggled to see the value of my own account (
@Al30) at first as it just seemed to be another tool for throwing things out there and I wasn’t sure if I needed that. What changed for me was when I found myself following 10-15 people saying (and linking to) interesting or useful things (as well as all the fluff about the weather/pets/food etc). That meant I starting getting a constant drip of things that I found worthwhile. The stage after that was when I started to enjoy the fluff too and developed a much more rounded picture of the people I was following.

Ultimately, I think the beauty of twitter is its simplicity. Everyone uses it in their own way and for their own purposes. Consequently everyone finds their own value in the service. I think that’s why twitter has the traction it does and why it seems to fascinate so many people.